The Benefits of Advertising on Local Radio

Different organizations and businesses exist with the goal of making profits and one of the greatest tools they have at their disposal in reaching those goals is advertising. Although profit is normally the aim, Non-profit organizations as well as individuals also have a need for advertising. A form of mass media marketing communication, it uses various types of visual as well as audio messages to promote an idea, product or service.

Radio as a form of advertising

Various forms of advertising offer the advertiser the opportunity to pay and control the message which they wish to put out. Over the years and through development, a range of media outlets have come up such as direct mail, Newspapers, TV, Internet and the tried and tested radio to name a few. First developed during World War 1 and 2, the applications of radio waves to transmit sound have been embedded into the fabric of human culture. Referred to as the ‘theater of the mind’, it’s easy application has seen it used across nations and locally for decades.

The benefits of advertising on local radio

A combination of advantages as compared and seen in other forms of advertising is the main reason for radios longevity and below are some of the reasons it is still a strong force to be reckoned with:

1. Close contact with locals

It is a powerful and intimate form of advertising as listeners develop a bond with a particular station or radio personality in their alone time of getting ready in the mornings, jogging and riding in the car. Audiences tune in to catch up on the latest news, trends and sometimes just to listen to their favorite genre of music.

2. Coverage and demographics

Radio stations have built an audience of targeted gender, economic status and an age range that make it easier for the advertisers to reach their intended local market of customers.

3. Cost significance

Compared to the reach of other mediums such as TV or newspapers, radio is a low cost medium and broadcasts are generally inexpensive.

4. Function

Radio is considered to be a medium for ‘everywhere’, in that customers don’t have to have an annual subscription or even know how to read. Its reach is by the far largest and its inexpensive equipment has made it a staple in most -households.

5. Time efficiency and speed to air

Radio advertisements are easy to prepare thus lead to a quicker time frame to have them on the air. In addition to this, they are easy to modify if the advertiser as a change of mind/opinion.

Although it could be considered the dinosaur of advertising, this is a medium that flourishes and refuses to die or become extinct.