Is Satellite Radio Killing Local Radio

There has been much discourse on whether the developments in satellite could be killing the traditional local radio. Sirius XM, one of the largest satellite radio subscription providers, announced that their user base had increased by more than 30% in 2015. This might be an indicator that satellite radio may take over local radio. However, it will take more than subscriptions to kill local radio stations. Here are some reasons which make it difficult to kill local radio stations.

Hefty Subscriptions

Satellite radio stations are subscription based, meaning that for you to listen to anything, you have to pay a few dollars. Most people would not opt to pay for a service that they can get free. With the only investment required to listen to local radios being an fm receiver, most people would choose to buy one rather than have to pay from month to month. The question that many individuals usually ask is “why to pay, while you can listen free.”  Here is a video where a subscriber explains why they cancelled the subscription.

Advancements in Portable Media Technology

In the recent years, there have been significant developments in the portable media devices. People can store thousands of their favorite songs on portable media such and listen uninterrupted whatever time they want. Therefore, it would be difficult for people to pay for service that they will not be using, meaning only a small percentage of the population will be left to listen to satellite radio.

Emergence of Internet Radio

Most local radio stations also transmit as internet radios, with the ability to stream as long as you have steady internet connectivity. This makes the subscription to satellite radios redundant since one can listen to their local radio from any part of the globe, as long as they are connected to the web.

Local Reporting

Finally, most people prefer listening to radio stations that report on news stories that affect their localities. Such people would only consider listening to satellite radio in places that might not be having internet or radio frequency. Most people would opt not to pay for a service that they would not frequently be using. Whenever they wish to listen to music, they can listen from their portable media devices at no cost.

Local radio stations are more convenient than satellite radios. In fact, satellite receivers are only efficient in vehicles, and in places where radio frequency or internet connectivity is not available. It will take time for satellite radio to kill local radio. Actually, with the developments in technology, better internet connectivity and the emergence of streaming services, satellite radio has some dark days ahead.