How Much Electricity is Generated From Solar Panels in America?

Since solar power is clean and renewable, a lot of people wonder why the United States hasn’t invested more in building solar power plants-best solar company near me:– and installing solar panels. Right now, steam turbines and fossil fuels still generate most U.S. energy. Still, the amount of solar power generated in the country is growing every year.

How Much Energy Do American Solar Panels Generate?

In the US, PV and solar-thermal energy are the main kinds of tech used to convert energy from the sun into electricity. They work like this:

* PV generates electricity directly.
* Solar thermal will concentrate solar power to warm fluids, and in turn, this hot water generates steam that powers turbines.

In the United States, only about one percent of all electricity came from solar power.This may not sound like a lot right now, but the amount has been climbing every year. Plus, when you think of all of the electricity consumed in the United States, one percent actually represents quite a large amount.

Where is the Most U.S. Solar Power Produced?

Of course, solar power can be deployed almost anywhere. Still, it’s better suited to some climates than others. You might not be surprised to learn that the top states for solar power are generally warm and sunny. The states that produce the most solar energy include California, North Carolina, and Arizona. Nevada ranks fourth on the list.

However, you might be surprised to learn that New Jersey ranks fifth. You don’t actually need a warm climate to enjoy the benefits of solar energy. It works well wherever it is sunny, even if it’s cold outside.

Besides solar power, the US has been using other kinds of renewable energy too. The two largest sources of U.S. renewable energy include hydro and wind power. Americans have relied on hydropower for many decades. You might think of Hoover Damn as a large and famous example of this. Many states have begun to heavily invest in wind power too because this type of tech is best suited to the climate conditions.

Pros And Cons of Solar Energy

The most obvious advantages of using solar power are that it is clean and renewable. Except for the cost of the systems, no additional energy is needed to produce energy, so it might be considered free. Besides using solar power to generate electric power, it can be used with another tech to directly warm water and the air inside of rooms.

With all of these advantages, you still may wonder why Americans don’t rely on solar energy more. You have to consider the expense of producing solar panels and other equipment to generate the power. Some people are reluctant to invest because the technology is still evolving too. It takes many square feet of solar panels to generate truly useful amounts of power. In addition, few places enjoy a consistent amount of solar energy because of cloudy days. Of course, it’s not possible to generate solar power at night, and it’s expensive to store in batteries.