Get Your Gun Permit

If you want to own a gun in our state you will need to have a gun permit. Owning a gun is a big responsibility and not enough people take that responsibility seriously enough. What most people need to realize this that owning a gun is not just your right but it is a responsibility. Some people often take the right to bear arms as a form of entitlement, which it should never be looked at. If anything, people who own guns should be the most responsible people in society and typically they are. People who have gun permits and concealed carry weapons commit fewer crimes than any other group in America.

So as you decide that owning a gun is the right thing for you, also realized that you need training, you need a permit and you need the right attitude. What is the right attitude? Well, you need an attitude that is based on curiosity and being open to learning new things. We know that so many people think that they can defend themselves and that they can make good choices in a stressful situation just because they believe that they are smart, bright and capable people. But guess what, our police officers are bright, capable and responsible people and they often have trouble making the right decisions under stress too. So if officers who are highly trained have problems making these type of decisions with the gun, imagine the issues that the average person who isn’t well-trained is going to have? So realized that owning a gun means that you need to get trained to properly use that gun. You need the basic training to get your gun permit but then after that, you need even more training to teach you to how to properly fight with the gun. Anyone can go to a gun range and just shoot at targets that art movement when there isn’t any stress, when they are not worried about their family orders safety. Real gun battles happen when you least expect them, they happen fast, your adrenaline will be flowing, your fine motor skills will be reduced due to the fight or flight principle and it is then when you will have to rely on your training. The question is what type of training have you had to teach you to deal with such a scenario?

This is why we stress the need for proper training to own a gun. We know that so many of you think that a bad guy will come knocking in the middle of the night, you grab your gun and handle business. That sounds great in theory but in the real world, it is a lot more difficult. So what we offer you is basic gun training and after you have that come back to learn the real stuff. Not just the stuff that the state requires for you to receive a gun license but the true stuff that will teach you how to defend yourself and your family when the stakes are high, when your ability to make good decisions will be low and when your ability to do so